franz bardon

“Whoever is serious about his own development and who does not pursue this sacred knowledge out of pure curiosity or for the satisfaction of his own desires will find this work the proper guide to initiation ."

-Franz Bardon

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The facts regarding the physical life of Franz Bardon have been obtained from the books: Frabato The Magician, as told by Franz Bardons' secretary and student Otti Votavova, and Memories of Franz Bardon, as told by Franz Bardons' son, Dr. Lumir Bardon, and Franz Bardons' student, Dr. M.K. Both books are published in the U.S.A by Merkur Publishing Inc. These books were chosen because all three contributors have first hand knowledge of Franz Bardon, and these accounts can be researched by anyone looking for references as to authenticity.

To gain a better understanding of who Franz Bardon is, it is important to know who he is as a spirit before discovering who he is as Franz Bardon. Franz Bardons' spirit has been perfected over thousands of years. Before incarnating as Franz Bardon, he had incarnated as Hermes Trismegistos, Lao Tse, Nostradamus, Robert Fludd, Count Saint Germain, Appolonius of Tyana, and was incarnated in his last physical life as a wise man from the mountains named Mahum Tah-Ta.

Franz Bardon’s physical body was born on December 1, 1909 in Troppau/Opava, Czechoslovakia. Franz Bardon is the first and only son of twelve siblings. Only four of these siblings lived into adulthood. Franz Bardons' father is named Viktor Bardon. Viktor worked in a textile factory and studied Christian Mysticism and Hermetics in his spare time. Viktor Bardon prayed to Divine Providence to meet a true guru in his lifetime so he could obtain the gurus' knowledge.

Viktor Bardons' prayer was answered fourteen years after the birth of his first-born son, while Franz Bardon was completing an apprenticeship as a sewing machine mechanic. It was during this time that his teachers noticed a change in his character and even in his handwriting. Viktor, however, was the first one to notice this change, and recognized it as the arrival of his guru in the physical body of his son. Shortly after the arrival of this perfected spirit, Viktor received the ability of clairvoyance; however, due to the lack of further training in the field, he was not able to become a divine initiate.

By entering the already 14 year old pubescent body, the spirit of Franz Bardon was required to assume all the karmic debt which the body owed. He was only allowed to equalize the effects of the karma as much as ordinary medication would allow. He was not permitted to use his own remedies or magical abilities to correct the conditions, out of observation of the divine laws of karma. He once violated this law by using a magical remedy for high blood pressure and from that time on suffered from low blood pressure. He often substituted cigarettes and coffee to counteract his lack of physical energy due to a thyroid condition. At the time, no one would have been able to tell that he suffered from these ailments because he was always brimming with energy and was known for always being in a great mood up until the end of his physical days.

Franz Bardon was known in his area as the local sage and often helped find drowned victims. He also provided information to the families of those missing in war. He met his wife Marie Bardon when she came to him to ask about two gentlemen who were courting her. She wanted to know which one he thought she would marry. She must have been surprised when he said it was him she was going to marry. They did end up getting married, and Franz Bardon had his first born son in February of 1937. His son was born with a deformed foot; however, Franz Bardon was able to correct the condition using herbs and massage. Franz Bardon also has a daughter, Marie, who developed a serious skin condition which he healed by telling his family how to use a specific herbal remedy.

In his early thirties, he was arrested when a student of his failed to burn the correspondence letters they had been sending each other. These letters aroused the suspicion of Adolf Hitler, and both Franz Bardon and his student were arrested. While in prison, they were both being whipped when the student lost his self control and blurted out a quabbalistic formula that completely paralyzed the attackers. When he later abolished the effect, he was shot out of revenge.

Franz Bardon was offered high positions in the Third Reich by Adolf Hitler under the conditions that he help win the war with his magical abilities. When Franz Bardon refused, he was subjected to cruel and unusual torture. Among other things, he was operated on without sedation and had iron rings forged around his ankles with heavy iron balls attached to them. He was forced to endure this torture for three and a half years. In 1945, Franz Bardon was sentenced to death; but, before the sentence could be executed, he was rescued when a bomb from an air raid damaged the building he was being kept in, and some fellow prisoners helped him hide from the police until he worked his way back to his home town.

After the war had ended, Franz Bardon gave public lectures and demonstrations on the supernatural under the stage name Frabato, Franz (FRA), Bardon (BA), Troppau, Opava, (TO). During one demonstration, he started the first part of the show by explaining the fundamentals of suggestion and auto-suggestion. He then demonstrated these fundamentals by actual experiments. It was in the second part of the show that things really got interesting. After the intermission, he changed his theme to animal magnetism. He went on to explain that everything in the world is controlled by electric and magnetic forces and that, by the conscious training of soul and spirit, one can increase their vital power and perform extraordinary deeds.

He then went on to perform several experiments to demonstrate the abilities which could be achieved by such training. The first experiment involved psychometry. He asked three audience members to come up on stage and hand him a personal item. He was then able to provide details about the person which would have been impossible to guess. After this experiment, he sent the volunteers out of the room temporarily and went on to charge the objects, with his own will, to produce emotional effects the audience chose at random. Upon re-entering the room, the three chosen audience members came back on stage, and as they touched their personal items the effect that Franz Bardon had charged it with took place. One woman upon picking up her item broke out in laughter, another woman threw her item across the room, and the last participant grabbed his item and broke out in tears. Franz Bardon became well known across Germany for these stage demonstrations.

Franz Bardon was also well known for being a graphologist (handwriting analyst) and a naturopath. He graduated from the Naturopathic College in Munich and started a practice out of his home located at Obloukova 22, Opava, and Czechoslovakia. He practiced medicine there until his final arrest. He was well know in his area and had cured many people. He was also successful in curing cancer up to the second stage. He spent much of his time gathering and collecting herbs and formulating tinctures, extracts, and elixirs. His son Lumir was a bee keeper at the time and provided the honey used in many of his remedies.

In 1949 he was arrested again, this time he was accused of being a charlatan and, without any evidence, he was sentenced to forced hard labor. After arriving back home from the concentration camp, he found work for a short time as a hospital administrator. After working as a hospital administrator, he continued to practice medicine and formulate remedies out of his home located next to the hospital.

Upon request from Divine Providence, Franz Bardon wrote three books concerning hermetics. The first book was entitled Initiation Into Hermetics and was published in 1956. This book was followed by another entitled The Practice of Magical Evocation. The final book published within his physical incarnation was entitled The Key To The True Kabbalah. It remains a well-known fact that the two books following his first book can only be practically followed if the reader has graduated into a student, and mastered all of the exercises put forth in the first book, Initiation Into Hermetics.

After Franz Bardons' passing, another book was published entitled Frabato The Magician. This book was written as an autobiography, masked as a novel. Two more books were published after Franz Bardons physical passing entitled Memories of Franz Bardon, by his son Dr. Lumir Bardon and student Dr. M.K, and Franz Bardon Questions & Answers. The later title was compiled by Dieter Ruggeberg from notes taken from a group of Franz Bardons' students in Prague, probably in the early 1950’s, before Initiation Into Hermetics was published.

On March 26, 1958, Franz Bardon was arrested for a third time; this time he was accused of producing medicine illegally; however, before his case came to trial, his physical body died from an inflammation of the pancreas. On July 10, 1958, his spirit was separated from his physical body in the prison hospital in Brno. The physical passing of Franz Bardon still remains a mystery to some due to the fact that he specifically requested that his wife Marie bring him a certain type of bacon he was particularly fond of. Some have stated that, because of his medical background, he knew the dangers of eating bacon while having pancreatitis and therefore he purposely committed suicide.

Although the physical passing of Franz Bardon remains a mystery to some, it is safe to say that he passed from unusual circumstances. Only a few of his personal items were returned to the family, but most, if not all, of Franz Bardons' books and personal items were confiscated and never returned. The police told his family that they had destroyed them.

The legacy of Franz Bardon continues to this day. To the students who have had the courage and volition to master all 10 steps of the Initiation Into Hermetics, and to the new group of students who are coming into a deeper yearning for truth, Franz Bardon will always remain the one who offers true guidance to any sincere seeker of truth.