franz bardon

"Whoever is serious about his own development and who does not pursue this sacred knowledge out of pure curiosity or for the satisfaction of his own desires will find this work the proper guide to initiation ."

-Franz Bardon

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Franz Bardon Books

Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics
Initiation Into Hermetics

Franz Bardon The Practice of Magical Evocation
The Practice of Magical Evocation

Franz Bardon The Key to The True Kabbalah
The Key To The True Kabbalah was conceived in the hopes of bringing the reader closer to becoming a student, and the student closer to becoming a master.

We hope that you will take the time to explore the life of Franz Bardon and experience for yourself the truth contained within his work. One can search a lifetime through countless books, trying to find the path that leads to true initiation, only to catch a glimpse here and there. It is our intention to present the works of Franz Bardon in hopes of helping those who sincerely seek initiation.

We strive to present a clear understanding of Franz Bardon's life so the student will grow closer to achieving success with their own initiation. We wish you a safe and successful development.

"The reader can attain an intellectual knowledge by merely reading these works, but he will never gain wisdom. Knowledge can be gathered by transference, but wisdom can only be acquired through experience and cognizance; and this experience and cognizance again depends upon the spiritual maturity of the individual, and spiritual maturity depends upon the spiritual development which is acquired through practice on the path of initiation"

Franz Bardon